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The Full Story

Once upon a time 92 years ago in 1932...The farm was home to Johannes Van Rensburg.  As a sheep farm these lands were fruitful and well cared for.  After a drought in the 1950's the financial strain the loss of the entire herd of sheep took its toll. His son Hans Van Rensburg decided to offer the only thing they had left...this land. 
Tourists and visitors from all over the world, travelled to see the iconic Amphitheatre, displaying the highest waterfall in the world, the Tugela Falls. Taking in guests and the overflow from the park it soon became a popular tourist destination.  In 1983 Jack Van Rensburg, the son of Hans began building the resort, with the vision of creating a resort that would become a favourite holiday destination that it is today.
In 1997 Craig Van Rensburg followed in the footsteps of his father and will continue to sustain the high level of hospitality this resort offers. 
This is the Van Rensburg Family homeland welcoming a fifth generation of the Van Rensburg Family who still call this land home.

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