Golf Course

In 1997 construction of a 9-hole golf course was started. The course was designed by Dave Coward. It is beautifully situated ajacent to the resort and overlooks the magnificent amphitheatre. The course is soon to be extended to 18-holes, across the Tugela river.

Golf course rules:

Distance markers
150m to the front edge of the green is indicated by yellow markers in the middle of the fairway.

Out of Bounds
All boundry fences, and areas defined by white stakes.

Water Hazards and lateral water hazards
Yellow stakes denote water hazards. Red stakes denote lateral water hazards. 8th hole: a ball landing in the water hazardin front of this green may be dropped in the dropping area demarcated by a white ring.

Roads and paths
Balls may be dropped off all roads and paths, not nearer the road.

Ball may be dropped from any cultivated or defined garden not nearer the hole.

Newely planted trees, shrubs
Newely planted trees, shrubs less than two club lengths in height which obstruct the player, or endangers the plant, the ball must be lifted and dropped within two club lengths, not nearer to the hole, without penalty.

Ground under repair
All areas demarcated by white lines, pegs or signs.
Indentations caused by vehicle tyres.

Immovable construction
All irrigation equipment or apparartus.

Golf Fees
Corporate member resorts enjoy a reduced rate. Enquire at the office for course fees.